Qualterra Enters Long Term Partnership with 3Degrees to Issue Carbon Credits

Qualterra Closeup hand of person holding abundance soil for agriculture or planting peach.

Carbon credits registered will allow Qualterra customers to garner incremental ROI on their purchase of Qualterra Ag Biochar and Biomass Processing Units (BPUs).

March 11, 2024 – Cheney, WA – Qualterra, a leading provider of sustainability solutions to the agriculture industry, has entered a long-term agreement with 3Degrees, a leading global climate solutions provider, to manage the registration, monitoring, verification, and sale of the carbon removal generated from Qualterra’s biomass processing and biochar production technologies. The resulting removals can be purchased by organizations. As one of the industry’s most experienced environmental commodities firms, 3Degrees has built a portfolio of rigorously vetted, high-integrity carbon = removal projects, such as those being implemented by Qualterra, which organizations can procure to make progress toward net zero goals.

Qualterra’s patented biomass processing technology cleanly processes agricultural and timber waste into high quality biochar that when applied to soils, can increase crop yields, reduce watering requirements, and durably sequester large amounts of carbon. Qualterra designs and sells its biomass processing units as well as sells its Ag Biochar soil amendment product which is produced at the Qualterra biochar production facility in Cheney, WA. Qualterra will pass along the benefits of the carbon credits generated to its customers.

“3Degrees is an industry leader in carbon removal monitoring, verification and sale, and our collaboration ensures we issue high quality carbon removal. Revenue from the sale of carbon removal will catalyze our ability to scale the sale of biochar ” said Mike Werner, CEO at Qualterra.

“We’re excited to partner with Qualterra on this pioneering biochar project,” said Wyatt Catron, Project Development Manager. “Biochar is an essential technology which, with the help of the carbon market, is ready to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere today.” Mike Werner also added, “By partnering with 3Degrees to quantify and issue carbon credits, Qualterra is providing a mechanism for its customers to garner incremental ROI on their utilization of biochar and/or implementing one of our biomass processing units. Qualterra’s biomass processing and biochar production technologies deliver valuable benefits to soil health and performance which improves food security, all while monetizing our customers’ efforts to reduce global carbon emissions.”

Through its partnership, 3Degrees ensures that Qualterra adheres to established protocols for carbon removal and assists in bringing these carbon credits to market for sale. Additionally, 3Degrees will collaborate with Qualterra to identify and deploy biomass processing and biochar production projects globally.

About Qualterra

Qualterra is an agricultural technology company on a mission to create innovations in agriculture and sustainability. Qualterra’s platform of technologies follow a plant life cycle from molecular plant testing and breeding support to propagation and nursery technologies through ag biomass waste processing and carbon capture technologies. Qualterra, headquartered in Washington State, USA, has three commercial facilities located in the main agricultural production area of the state. Learn more about Qualterra at: www.qualterraag.com.


About 3Degrees

3Degrees is a leading global climate solutions provider and Certified B Corporation. Our work is driven by the need for urgent climate action, and has been for nearly 20 years. We deliver a full suite of clean energy and decarbonization solutions to help global Fortune 500 companies, utilities, and other organizations achieve their climate goals and address emissions in the fight against climate change. The 3Degrees team brings a commitment to integrity and deep expertise in climate strategy and implementation across scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions, including net zero, global environmental commodities, renewable energy and carbon project development, transportation decarbonization, as well as electric and gas utility voluntary programs. We help develop and deploy impactful climate solutions that make good business sense and advance an equitable transition to the low-carbon future. Learn more at www.3Degrees.com.