Biomass Processing, Biochar Production, and R&D Farm

Our 75-acre corporate R&D farm in Cheney, WA (just outside of Spokane) is the main campus for biomass processing and commercial biochar production. In addition, it houses our R&D laboratory and greenhouse and our proof-of-concept Agricultural Regeneration Center. More than 50 acres of farmland is available to showcase our technologies and to conduct research.

Our commercial biochar production line features three of our patented Biomass Processing Units working in parallel, fed by a feedstock storage module and outputting into a mixing shed where biochar is mixed with water to reduce dust.

Research and Development Laboratory and Greenhouse

Our research and development program, partially funded by competitive grants, focuses on improving plant and soil health and crop yields using biochar soil amendments, using both on-farm and in-greenhouse trials. Our research investigates the impact of biochar derived from different feedstocks on a variety of different crops, and at multiple concentrations. The work will support refinement of the use of our biochar products, and aid in creating new formulations to maximize benefit to crops and soil.

Agricultural Regeneration Center

Funded in part by two Industrial Symbiosis Grants from the Washington State Department of Commerce, our Agricultural Regeneration Center is a proof-of concept program.  The ARC demonstrates the feasibility of processing agricultural and timber waste streams into useful end-products while generating carbon-negative renewable energy that will be used to heat the Qualterra greenhouse. We are also conducting a carbon lifecycle analysis to support development of climate smart solutions for the agricultural industry.