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Working Together to Solve Agricultural and Sustainability Challenges

Qualterra has roots in University R&D at Washington State University and Texas A&M University. We have volumes of data and knowledge combined with a world-class, multidisciplinary team of experts in science, horticulture, engineering, and business. We invite you to partner with us so that together we can generate innovations and solutions to today’s biggest agricultural and sustainability challenges.

We particularly like to focus on:

  • Advanced plant propagation techniques.
  • New methodologies in molecular plant diagnostics.
  • Speed breeding development.
  • Carbon sequestration technologies.
  • Agricultural waste management technologies.
  • Soil health improvement.
  • Industrial symbiosis development.
  • Multi-stakeholder grant opportunities.
Partner With Us


Research and Grants

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. This is exemplified by Qualterra’s streamlined R&D program, which is supported largely by grants and contracts we have secured from a variety of state and national agencies. Since 2021, Qualterra has successfully obtained more than $2.59 million in non-dilutive funding to develop and commercialize innovative technologies for the agriculture and sustainability industry. An additional $236,000 in sub-awards has gone directly to university partners who are working with us to bring sustainable solutions to current agricultural challenges. We are continually seeking new, collaborative funding opportunities to bolster our portfolio of technologies while supporting our project partners and giving back to our communities in the process.

Qualterra Thanks Our Partners and Funding Supporters

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