Clean Plant Propagation

Clean, healthy, and vigorous nursery plants help de-risk the process of establishing new ground

We propagate and sell disease and virus free, true-to-type rootstocks in a variety of specialty crops to nurseries and growers worldwide.

Our University-based plant micropropagation technologies provide our customers with the best plants possible in the shortest amount of time.  National Clean Plant Center (NCPN) sourcing plus our rigorous testing program ensures the highest quality material.

Our micropropagation and greenhouse production systems are scalable to meet even the largest orders by nurseries and growers.

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Virus Screened and Grown Clean

We start with material sourced from the NCPN whenever possible, and all our material goes through comprehensive virus screening and microbial indexing. Carefully protected from infection and grown to spec in our state-of-the-art Dutch technology based greenhouse, you receive plants that are robust and ready to thrive.

DNA Level, True-To-Type Tested and Confirmed

You get what you order. Qualterra plants are genetically tested to confirm true to type, and the active management features of our TreeTracker™ inventory management software protects plants from mixups. You receive a uniform batch of correct plants every time.

Robust and Ready to Thrive

Carefully protected from infection and grown to spec in our state-of-the-art Dutch technology-based greenhouse, our plants are quick to achieve grafting caliper. Our “conetainers” promote deep, healthy roots, helping them establish quickly, getting to fruiting 30-40% faster with little or no mortality, and allowing growers to get to revenue faster.

Scalable to Meet Large Volume Orders

With our versatile system and trained specialists, we can adapt to your needs! Whether you need a large order of one rootstock for a new orchard, or a small number of different varieties for a breeding trial, our production team can accommodate your request. 

2025 Rootstock and Tree Offerings

Apple Rootstock

  • Bud9
  • Bud10® *
  • Bud118**
  • Geneva® 11
  • M7**
  • M9*
  • M9-T337
  • M9 Nic® 29
  • M111**

Grape Rootstock

  • Couderc 1616 (1616C)**
  • Couderc 3309 (3309C)**
  • Kober 5BB (5BB)**
  • Malegue 44-53 (44-53 or 44-53M)**
  • Matador**
  • Minotaur**
  • Oppenheim#4 (SO4)**
  • Paulsen 1103 (1103 or 1103P)**
  • Richter 110 (110R)**
  • Richter 99 (99R)**
  • Riparia Gloire (RG)**
  • Schwarzmann**
  • Teleki 5C (5C)**

Other Horticultural Crops

Contact us for custom contracts:

  • Raspberry plants *
  • Blueberry plants
  • Blackberry plants *

*Material sourced from the NCPN.
**Certified material sourced from the NCPN.

Cherry Rootstock

  • Gisela® 3**
  • Gisela® 5**
  • Gisela® 6**
  • Gisela® 12**
  • Gisela® 13**
  • KRYMSK® 6 (LC-52 cv.)*

Hop Plants

  • Alpharoma
  • Bitter Gold
  • Cascade
  • Cashmere*
  • Centennial
  • Chinook*
  • Columbus
  • Comet
  • Crystal
  • Eroica
  • Glacier
  • Magnum
  • Mount Rainier
  • Nugget
  • Santiam
  • Sterling
  • Tahoma
  • Triumph
  • Zeus

Characteristics of Rootstocks offered by Qualterra:

Adapted from and with information from these sources:

For more information on grape rootstock use in Washington, check out this Good Fruit Grower article:

We are a proud licensee of the following brands:

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Plant Specification Options

Rooted Micropropagated Plants: Our micropropagated plants come to you rooted in aseptic media. They are ready for you to transfer to potting mix/soil and acclimate to environmental conditions. These plants are the cleanest plants possible, they are easier to export to regulated regions than their greenhouse-grown counterparts, and they are an economical option for customers that are set up to handle them. 

Greenhouse-grown Rootstocks: Our greenhouse-grown rootstocks are clean, vigorous, and ready to plant in your orchard/vineyard. Careful control of their growing conditions ensures that they are uniform and quick to achieve grafting caliper.

We can deliver these as dormant or actively growing plants.
We can deliver these as bareroot or as potted containers.

Our plant propagation services are 100% custom contract, so please inquire below to speak with one of our Senior Production Managers about your needs.

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