Biochar Soil Amendments

Qualterra’s patented Biomass Processing Unit generates a consistent, high-quality biochar, which we produce and sell to customers globally. Biochar soil amendments improve soil structure to boost crop yields, reduce water and fertilizer consumption, and enhance soil health. Our biochar products are made with agricultural feedstocks such as wheat straw, ensuring the final product provides structure-enhancing benefits without containing toxic byproducts or heavy metals.

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Biochar soil amendments improve soil productivity and health.

Biochar’s structure retains water and nutrients.

The porous, charged structure of biochar can trap water and nutrients, making them more available to the plant and improving water and nutrient use efficiency. Generally, growers using biochar soil amendments find that they apply less water and nutrients on their crops. Since more nutrients are retained in the soil, reduced nutrient leaching means a smaller environmental impact.

Improving soil structure and sequestering carbon.

Biochar can help alleviate common problems associated with soil structure in low-quality soils. Amending soils with biochar can increase soil organic matter (SOM), increase cation exchange capacity (CEC), and raise pH. This helps to ease compaction and increase infiltration, and provides a suitable host environment for beneficial bacteria. Additionally, biochar is a stable carbon structure resistant to degradation. Our biochar is derived from agricultural biomass waste, and in the context of the lifecycle of a modern farm, it can remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce a farm’s carbon footprint.

Qualterra biomass processing technologies reduce agricultural waste by turning it into biochar, a beneficial soil amendment, that improves plant health. Additionally, energy created by the biomass processing unit can then be captured and utilized in a variety of capacities.

Our biochar products:

Displaying products for Iowa. Please Contact Us with questions about availability in your state or to order biochar.


  • Improved Soil Productivity

  • Water Retention

  • Suitable Host for Microbes

Made with wheat straw feedstock


  • Water Availability

  • Nutrient Availability

  • Suitable Host for Microbes

Made with wheat straw feedstock


Biochar Crop Application Guidelines | US Biochar Initiative (

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