NuPhY acquires Ag Energy Solutions


December 17, 2021 – On Friday, December 17, 2021, NuPhY Inc., a leader in plant and tree fruit production and genetic testing acquired Ag Energy Solutions, a pioneer in plant-based biochar and green renewable energy systems. This exciting combination of plant technologies and agricultural biomass processing is a full-service solution for the agriculture community. This new organization will benefit those that want to implement sustainable agricultural practices and increase the quality and quantity of their yields. NuPhY’s newly expanded platform of technologies will deliver accelerated production for true-to-type plants and tree fruits, increase yields and plant quality based on unique formulations of biochar that can sequester significant amounts of carbon and responsibly eliminate crop waste, and provide robust genetic testing and analytics services for growers and producers.

Mike Werner, CEO of Ag Energy Solutions has been named as Chief Executive Officer of NuPhY Inc., and Amit Dhingra, founder of NuPhY, has been named Chief Science Officer for the combined entity. All employees of both NuPhY and AG Energy Solutions will remain with the company.

“Both companies have innovative platforms on their own, but by bringing them together, we have an end-to-end value proposition for soils, crops and agricultural sustainability for farmers and growers,” said Mike Werner

Dr. Amit Dhingra, founder of NuPhY, Professor and Head of the Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University and an Adjunct Professor at Washington State University said, “The new path forward joining these two companies will address extremely important issues in agriculture, including improving the quantity and quality of the food supply, addressing sustainability through elimination of crop waste and carbon sequestration, and improving both the health of soils and plants for generations to come.”

“This combination of synergistic technologies provides a full lifecycle solution, from the beginning of a plant’s life through production, speeding the process and enhancing yield and quality and every stage of the process,” said Steve Rector, CFO of the Cowles Company, the majority shareholder of the combined entity. “Mike and Amit’s shared vision has already demonstrated the benefits of these technologies working together, and I couldn’t be more excited to see them formalizing the relationship and driving the combined entity forward.”

The completion of the acquisition will be finalized on December 31, 2021.

NuPhY Inc.

NuPhY, a spinout from Amit Dhingra’s research program at Washington State University, is a privately held agricultural biotechnology company based in Pullman Washington. It uses proprietary processes that grow true-to-type disease free horticultural crops. NuPhY’s proprietary MultiPHY™ process delivers superior quality plants that can reduce the time to fruiting and minimize input costs. In addition, NuPhY also operates a full-service Genetics Testing and Analysis lab that uses robotic technology to screen for over 2400 different viruses and various other pathogens. NuPhY’s lab is an accredited lab for Little Cherry Virus 2 and X-Disease. NuPhY also supports a plant repository program that help growers and plant breeders store and secure plant material for future propagation and analysis.

Ag Energy Solutions Inc.

Ag Energy Solutions, a privately held company based in Spokane Washington, has developed a carbon negative clean-technology platform focused on converting multiple forms of agricultural waste into renewable energy and high value natural soil amendment products that improve crop yields and decrease water requirements for many crops. Ag Energy’s fully automated Biomass Processing Units can process most agriculture and wood biomasses to produce; renewable energy and a high-quality biochar that can be used for agricultural application, water filtration and other carbon sequestering initiatives.