Joint Press Release from Columbia Pulp and Ag Energy Solutions Inc.


August 30, 2021 – Columbia Pulp LLC and Ag Energy Solutions Inc. have announced an agreement to partner in the processing of wheat straw from the Columbia Pulp facility through the Ag Energy Solutions biomass processing platform. The output from this processing is a form of high-quality biochar, branded Carbon Logic, to be utilized as a soil amendment proven to increase crop yields in some varietals by up to 60% as well as for carbon sequestering initiatives.

“Sustainably utilizing residual wheat straw in the production of innovative, natural products that improve soil health and sequester carbon is the type of initiative that is good for the environment, economy, and community. We are very excited to move forward together with Ag Energy,” said Steve Martin, Solid Fiber manager for Columbia Pulp. “We are very excited about the opportunity to work with the team at Columbia Pulp on this exciting initiative to help sequester carbon and improve soils for future generations,” says Mike Werner, CEO of Ag Energy Solutions.

About Columbia Pulp LLC

Columbia Pulp upcycles residual wheat straw into an eco-friendly, non-wood pulp for the paper and packaging industries. The Company also produces unique biopolymer products with several industrial and agricultural applications. Utilizing locally sourced straw and an innovative state-of-the-art process, Columbia Pulp’s 140,000 -square-foot mill has created 100 family wage jobs in the agricultural communities of southeast Washington. This business innovation reduces burning of residual straw (one of Washington’s top sources of air pollution) and creates new revenue streams for local wheat farmers in excess of $15 million annually. Visit

Ag Energy Solutions Inc.

Ag Energy Solutions, a privately held company based in Spokane Washington, has developed a carbon negative clean-technology platform focused on converting multiple forms of agricultural waste into renewable energy and high value natural soil amendment products that improve crop yields and decrease water requirements for many crops. Ag Energy’s fully automated Biomass Processing Units can process most agriculture and wood biomasses to produce: renewable energy, and a high quality biochar that can be used for agricultural application, water filtration, and other carbon sequestering initiatives. For more information about Ag Energy Solutions and biochar research, please visit