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Biomass Processing

Clean and Efficient Agricultural Biomass Processing

Our mission is to deliver agricultural and sustainability innovations.

One of the ways we do this is to deliver technology that cleanly and efficiently processes biomass, sequesters carbon, creates clean energy, improves crop yields, and increases crop water utilization.

We design, build and sell automated biomass processing units that we and our customers call Agriculture Regeneration Stations (ARS). Our technology captures and sequesters carbon and puts it back in the soil to improve its productivity and health.

Our patented and movable ARS create value from a waste stream while providing global environmental benefits.

Agricultural Regeneration Stations Offer an Integrated Solution to Process Waste and Renew Soils

Processing Agricultural Waste

Most agricultural biomass, including those with high silica content, can be effectively processed using our biomass processing unit. Our continuous flow design and remote monitoring means the system requires minimal management. Qualterra’s biomass processing engineers will work with you to design an Agricultural Regeneration Station that integrates with your existing systems.​

Generating Renewable Energy

During biomass processing, energy is produced which can be harnessed in several forms. It is frequently used to help offset energy costs of warehouses, greenhouses, or buildings.​

Biochar Production

The biochar output can be directly administered to renew soil productivity. Qualterra’s patented process generates a consistent product with properties that make it an excellent soil amendment. Carbon sequestered in biochar is more stable against degradation than other soil amendments like compost.

Highlights of our ARS Technology

  • Cleanly eliminates biomass waste.
  • Designed for high silica field residue to produce unique biochar derived from crops.
  • Controlled parameters to get consistent product every time.
  • Deployable, portable and scalable to meet demand.
  • Fully autonomous, continuous feed gasification system.
  • Eliminates waste and produces clean, renewable energy.
  • Designed for high volume biomass processing.
  • Technology covered by three US patents.

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