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Quality, Consistency and Scalability

Biochar Soil Amendments

We produce and sell bulk biochar soil amendments to customers globally.

Biochar soil amendments improve soil productivity and health.

Our biochar products are formulated with a proprietary blend of plant derived nutrients and minerals to enhance the growth of crops. Our patented technology allows us to process a wide variety of feedstocks, allowing us to engineer ideal formulations for specific crops. Our automated, continuous flow system maintains narrow operational parameters ensuring unprecedented product consistency.

Our biochar has consistently demonstrated yield increases in excess of 20%, while improving overall quality, across a large variety of crops and plants.

Biochar soil amendments improve soil productivity and health by delivering the following benefits:

Our biochar products:

Rapid Starter Biochar.

  • Accelerated root development
  • Enhanced microbial activity
  • Improved soil productivity
  • Water retention

Available in bagged form or bulk totes

High Growth.

  • Increased yield
  • Enhanced microbial activity
  • Improved plant vitality
  • Water & nutrient availability

Available in bagged form or bulk totes

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