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Biomass Processing and Carbon Regeneration

Our patented biomass processing units cleanly and economically process a variety of agricultural wastes. This process produces a unique biochar that significantly increases crop yields and generates renewable energy.

We design and sell biomass processing units that our customers use to create Agricultural Regeneration Stations. These integrated systems process client’s biomass waste, capturing carbon into biochar that they can apply back into their production systems. Energy is captured from the units and can be converted to electricity to help offset energy costs of warehouses, greenhouses, or buildings.

We produce our own biochar, which we sell to agricultural producers in bagged form or bulk totes. We offer wholesale and bulk volume discounts.

Qualterra Closeup hand of person holding abundance soil for agriculture or planting peach.

Biochar Soil Amendments

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Qualterra biomass processing unit producing biochar soil amendments

Biomass Processing

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